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Contrary to popular belief tankless water heaters are not instant water heaters. They provide endless hot water due to the fact they have no water storage and are heating the water as demanded. If you are searching for instant hot water a recirculation system would be better suited for your situation. We will discuss this possibility in later blog.

Tankless water heating is a great option for your home but there is a few things to consider when deciding if it is right for you.

#1 Are you a large family constantly taking showers and using hot water?

If this is the case a standard hot water heater may be a better option. Reason being that the water will constantly be heating and available in the storage tank and available for usage. A tankless that is running all the time uses more energy than a standard tank water heater.

#1 Are you a small family or frequent vacationer?

If you spend a-lot of time enjoying the great outdoors or visiting castles in France a tankless would be a perfect option for you. The unit would sit idle while you are away and not continuously re-charge. There would be no standing pilot at all the, the tankless would basically be hibernating. This would mean no energy would be lost during this period.

This is our choice in tankless water heaters listed best at top

#1 Noritz

#2 Navien

#3 Takagi

#4 Rinnai

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