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Not Just Your Average Crack

Trevor Whitcomb

These are some unprecedented times, not only in the world but also in our smaller microcosms. Each one of us, in our own business, is struggling to ease the economic burden on ourselves and our employees. Implementing small changes that might have a great effect is the best place to start. Plumbing which is considered an essential business is seeing its fair share of changes. Standing six feet apart and plumbing is more difficult than one would expect. Our helpers need to pass us tools all the time. This process has become difficult because each tool needs to be laid on the ground and then picked up by the other person. This has created a singularity in the workforce. Everyman now stands in front of his or her project alone. At the same time that this loneliness has appeared, there is some comfort and knowing that all the other contractors across the globe are experiencing the same problems.

I've asked myself, “What will Plumbing look like after this pandemic has passed? Will it be the same plumbing that I have experienced for the past 20 years of my life?” I know for a fact there will be many changes that will have a lasting effect on this industry. Some of them I'm hoping we'll be positive and some I know will lead to better practices all around. This problem has lead us all to change our lives and these changes don't have to be bad changes. Personally, it has given me the chance to look at my business, my employees, and my procedures in a whole new light. I am gaining insight and analytics into my business that I have never seen before. I am learning to work cleaner and more efficiently as well as create a stop-loss program. I'm working diligently to keep my current employees and retain the business flow, at the same pace it was prior to the onset of this pandemic.

Some people like to focus on the problem, I focus on the solution. Pressure and fear create a driving force within me to find a solution and act upon it. I can learn and increase my business's efficiency this way. We are now all facing a major problem in our society, and nobody is immune to this issue. With our Collective abilities, we can change the history of this pandemic by coming together and using our knowledge, strengths and skills, to build a cohesive plan. I'm hoping other companies like my own are not thinking about how they can profit from this travesty, but how they can help the people and create a better business for themselves. There are times when issues at hand force people into a mindset of financial gain, instead of emotional well-being and safety of others. There is a balance in our economic system that can be struck between these two beliefs. Ethically, safety and well-being come before financial gain not only in our small business world but also in the greater parts of society.

In summing it all up, life will continue. Plumbing will change along with baking, trucking, banking, and all other businesses. The question that we all need to ask ourselves is, how will we change? Unfortunately, the answer for some is not at all, but gladly for many, it will be for the better. Not just for the betterment of themselves, their businesses and families, but for everyone around them. Plumbing will look the best it has in the last hundred years. And as a necessity for a healthy society, I am glad to say I am a changed plumber... For the better.

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