Yoga and Plumbing

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

I find it strange that the fittest humans on earth are the ones most prone to making it to their yoga mat daily. The plumbers and contractors of the world tend to believe a couple of cocktails will solve all their aches and pains. While I won't argue that it a beer or two does take the edge off it doesn't do a lot for the long run. Yoga is the solution.

The cool thing about yoga is you can do it almost anywhere. I actually think the more chaotic the environment you can find that inner peace at the deeper you are falling into the practice. Some of the poses are simple enough that you can almost get away with it without anyone even noticing...I hope. If they do end up catching you in mountain pose just tell them you are now enlightened and see how they react.

I hope all the hard working folks find a minute or two during their day to close off the outside and look inside. It would put a smile on my face to drive by a job site and see someone in downward dog. #yoga

Namaste Plumbers!

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